Hazelhurst Community Supported Agriculture Co-operative

What is Hazelhurst CSA

Hazelhurst Community Supported Agriculture Co-operative Ltd (CSA) is a Sheffield local food project run by volunteers and a part-time co-ordinator.

We :

1. Support Sheffield Organic Growers to produce organic fruit and vegetables on a beautiful site off Hazelhurst Lane in south Sheffield.

2. Run a veg bag scheme for the local community with the veg bought primarily from Sheffield Organic Growers or sourced from other local organic farmers.

3. Offer opportunities for volunteering on the land or in the veg harvesting and packing.

4. Develop education and outreach projects locally and globally.

We are financially dependent on our veg bag customers with a grant to support the local and global outreach work we do.

We reconnect local people with where their food comes from and see ourselves as part of the global movement for food sovereignty.